Safety Socks at Trampoline Parks

Safety Socks at Trampoline Parks

Kids and adults alike are being attracted to a new activity gaining popularity throughout Australia. Flips, jumps and spins are all part of the show at many new Australian trampoline centres, however a rise in traumatic injuries has caused concern.

The number of these injuries from indoor trampoline parks has risen and orthopaedics and paediatric trauma centres feel compelled to investigate. A Sydney Hospital spokesperson said that they had observed an increase in these kinds of injuries. They said their investigation will look at the circumstances that contributed to the upturn in the frequency of the injuries.

Injuries treated include head and spinal trauma and fractured and dislocated limbs. All accidents were sustained in trampolining incidents. One surgeon even commented on a complicated fracture which could have easily led to permanent disabilities.

In the past year, data has shown incidents rise from zero to nineteen in relation to trampoline accidents. The actual number of incidents is considered higher with things like sprains and cuts being treated at home.

One incident involved an eight year old boy who sustained a completely broken arm while jumping from a raised platform. The break was too severe to treat in a local hospital, so the boy was transferred to a large children’s hospital in the city. The break took a total of four months to heal. Staff from a trampoline centre in New South Wales said they had staff with first training on during all operating hours. Many of these centres are a part of the Australian Trampoline Parks Association which was formed in October 2013 to promote safety standards throughout the industry.

Companies which do not meet the safety standards delineated by the association are rejected membership. There has been over 55 trampoline parks open in Australia in the last two years, and many expect this sort of increase to lead to a rise in injuries.

In an effort to lessen the number of injuries trampoline companies are increasing supervisors, safety signs and other safety precautions, including non slip grip socks. These types of anti slip socks help trampoline users to maintain grip while jumping. They also promote basic hygiene practices. The trampoline parks are designed to offer extreme fun in a safe environment, however operators want to find a balance between being too safe and too exciting.

Two personal injury cases have been raised against separate companies in the ACT. Problems have been noticed regarding padding, exposed springs and broken mats.

Lawyers have noticed waiver agreements being made widely available which provide immunity for trampoline centres in injury cases. These waivers have been criticised as protecting poor operators with poor equipment.

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