Compostable Mailers

Go green. Reduce and recycle.

Green Mailer Disposal Guide

Contribute to a cleaner future with environmentally conscious mailer disposal.

Step 1 Unwrap

Remove the label and any tape (some labels and tape are also compostable, but it would be best to check with the business you have purchased from).


Step 2 Shredding

Cut the mailer into thin strips which will help it to break down faster.


Step 3 Compost

Place into compost bin (the mailer strips will act in the same way as brown waste materials, like leaves and paper). At this point it is important to add in some ‘green’ waste too such as food scraps, tea leaves or fresh grass cuttings – for every two parts of brown waste, you need one part of green.


Step 4 Turning

Rotate and aerate every few days to allow oxygen to flow through the compost.

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